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Optimize Your Fertility

A woman spends months planning and prepping for her wedding.


This usually includes diet and lifestyle changes to look and feel her best on her big day.


Why should planning and prepping for a baby be any different? 

My Optimize Your Fertility program can help you prep your body for a healthy, happy pregnancy. 

This 12-week program is ideal for women who are committed to making life-long changes. Optimizing Your Fertility is about more than taking supplements to improve egg quality. It's about making sustainable changes for healthy preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.


My program consists of 5 pillars:

Stress Management

Adequate Caloric Intake

Balanced Meals

Key Nutrients

Supportive Herbs and Supplements

Please complete the form below to apply for the program.

Supplements do have their place and I offer professional-grade supplements at a discounted price from my online dispensary at Fullscript. 

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